New for 2015

We couldn’t be more exticted about the major upgrade to this year’s event. Innovative Outdoors, your premier online fishing and hunting retail store is providing a truly state of the art Tournament Weigh-In service.


The H2 scale system from Pro Tournament Sales is the most advanced and accurate scale on the market. The dual harmonic filtering allows the H2 to lock onto the weight within 5 seconds!

The scale system works wirelessly with a 7” LED display. This will brightly display the big fish and box weights for the entire audiance to see.

As an additional feature, the H2 scale remotely commuicates with a software program to accurately track and print weigh slips. After your team weighs their fish, one team member will need pickup and sign their weigh slip to acknowledge the weights.

Lastly, the scale will connect to an electronic LED leader board. This will scroll thru the top 15 teams, 5 teams at a time. This is a system designed by tournment fishermen. There is no manual data input which creats excellent accuracy.

We are extremely proud of Innovative Outdoors and the advancements their company has made in recent years. For more info on their story and the fine fishing products they carry, visit their web site