Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

On behalf of the tournament officials; we would first off like to thank everyone who participated in the 2015 Sunset Bay Walleye Shootout. We hope you had an enjoyable weekend, enjoyed the fishing, the new weigh-in show and the venue at Cabana Sam’s.

Congratulations to the Jeff Jarzynski and the entire Pirate Sportfishing Team. We are extremely proud of them; they are great competitors, friends and advocates of our fishery.

Big Box - 1st Place - 3

From our tournament inception, we have grown every year and we are pleased to announce that we will be again be expanding the venue by adding additional teams/boats to the 2016 event. This in turn allows us to continue to advance the payouts and prizes, expand the show and further develop the Sunset Bay Walleye Shootout to be a World Class event, right here in Western New York.

A few items worth mentioning for the 2016 Tournament

  • 1st place will be increasing
  • 1st place for largest walleye will increase
  • In addition to the three big box Calcuttas, we will be adding a Big Fish Calcutta
  • Even larger Calcutta payouts with expanded fleet
  • SKYtography (DRONE Video and Picture Service) will be returning for 2016
  • Continued expansion of the stage/weigh in show and payout presentation
  • Improved boat check station format
  • The Deli (directly across from Cabana Sam’s) will be open at 5am that Thursday/Friday and Saturday. They will have ample amounts of ice and any other supplies you may need to begin your day.

And so much more to be added……..

2016 Tournament Packages:

We are already fully engaged in planning/organizing next year’s event. These new additions and many more exciting items are in the works for next year. We are excited to have our 2016 Tournament Packages prepared to be sent out early this year. We will be sending the packages out (hardcopies-via US Postal Service and electronically via Email) to all team Captains, November 1st, 2015.

We would like to thank all our sponsors, especially Cabana Sam’s for hosting us again; please visit them often and mention the Sunset Bay Walleye Shootout; we would also like to thank Innovative Outdoors for bringing the new scale and print out system to our event. Check them out at

Certainly, last but not least, our volunteers and the Sunset Bay community; we are so extremely proud to have them on board and supporting the event, without them we truly could not continue to grow the event as we have.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon.


Captain Don Ruppert

Sunset Bay Walleye Shoot Out – Tournament Chairmen